Saturday, March 8, 2008

Two-fers tag

My friend Marlies tagged me, so here goes:
1. Two Names You Go By: Chelsi and mapachita (this is Spanish for raccoon. Eric started calling me this after we'd gone hiking and I had been wearing sunglasses, which is ridiculous because you should have seen his past raccoon tans! ski bum.....)
2. Things You Are Wearing Right Now: A nursing bra and teva sandals. Hey, I'm wearing other things too, those are just the two I'm mentioning.
3. Two Things You Want (or have) in a Relationship: Eric and Eric again.
4. Two of Your Favorite Things to Do: Eat chocolate and talk about how I want to lose a couple pounds. At the same time.
5. Two Things You Did Last Night: Watched Rockford Files on Netflix instant viewing and changed lots of poopy diapers. (note on the Rockford Files thing: one of Eric's professors showed his class a clip of an episode, so we decided to watch one at home. Okay, we watched two. What can I say? I like James Garner. He's funny.)
6. Two People You Talked to Last Night: Demri and Aspen, although as of yet Aspen isn't replying.
7. Two Things You're Doing Tomorrow: Trimming my toenails (I've been meaning to do this for a week now) and I'm sure I'll grab a Popsicle out of the freezer.
8. Two Longest Car Rides: Distance or perception? Distance ride: From Boise to Boston, 2661 miles, or two days in a moving van. That's right: 2661 miles in two days. Perception ride: Over the summer we drove with Eric's family 700+ miles in a Chrysler Pacifica in two days. There were 6 of us and a week's worth of camping gear packed into the car that had basically no trunk, so everything was piled around us, and I had morning sickness, and when we started out we were only planning to drive 200 miles.
9. Two Favorite Holidays: Christmas and Halloween.
10. Two Favorite Drinks: Orange juice. Basically any 100% fruit juice. Pineapple juice. Definitely pineapple juice.
11. Two Things About Me You May Not Have Known: I think one of the coolest things I could have done in another lifetime (if I'd been born 10 years earlier) is be in a Michael Jackson music video. Preferably Smooth Criminal. Another thing is that I won't shower before eating or fixing bacon or french toast because the smell gets in my hair and it drives me nuts.
12. Two Jobs I Have Had in My Life: I took tickets at BYU football games. With this same job I also stood on the field the last 7 minutes of each game with a rope and all the other ushers to ensure that no one ran onto the field. I was also an auto parts delivery driver.
13. Two Movies I Would Watch Over and Over: Napoleon Dynamite and Back to the Future, numbers 1 or 3. I'm not a big fan of the second movie.
14. Two of My Favorite Foods: Cheese, and I've just discovered how much I love 2% milk, now that I've been told by the nurses to drink it. Mmmmm!
15. Two Places I'd Rather Be Right Now: Moab, Utah, or Olive Garden.


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Excellent. And insightful. :)

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy these. You can learn a lot about a person!

Marlies said...

I think I like the longest trip answer. It always seems like a long trip when you plan to go a couple of hours and end up driving most the day.

Rebecca said...

I loved reading this entry. You crack me up Chelsi! Smooth criminal..and nursing bra...You're too funny! So yes I did go to a New Kids concert! I almost got to be the girl they picked out of the audience to sing to also, but the girl sitting next to us was the lucky one! LUCKY!!!!!!!!!

Bethany said...

i laughed forever ... you are so funny chelsi and so real - that is what i love most.

and it goes without saying that Aspen is adorable ...