Monday, April 14, 2008


I don't know that it's here yet, but this week's supposed to be a sunny, warmer one, so I can dream, can't I?


Lisa H. said...

We were hoping to see you (and the baby) at conference yesterday. I hope Spring is finally here. I'm SO SICK of winter! We really want to see you guys - it's been so long and we're dying to see the baby. We're staying in Boston for 2 more years, so we need to hang out a lot in the next year before you leave.

Unknown said...

If I can leave the house with out a coat I feel like screaming for joy from the roof tops!

Can't wait for warmer weather. Just a few more months...right???

When are you gius leaving for ID?

Unknown said...

oh...gius means guys...i am a crappy speller!