Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back to Boise

Eric and I have started de-junking and it feels so good!  I hate having "stuff."  You know how there's stuff in your attic that you've forgotten about?  And you don't see it again until you move out.  Well, in my opinion if you've forgotten it's there, you don't need it!  I want to leave our place with as little as possible, so I've tried to be really selective about what we keep.  
We'll be in Boise this summer, so we're moving out.  That's Boise there up top.
Now, I love Boise.  I do.  But there are some things about New England (and the Boston area in particular) that I'm really going to miss!  Especially now that it's spring.  Boston just pops in the spring.  It's glorious.  
Why does New England have to pop, right before we leave?  It's not fair, I tell you.  Not fair at all.
Some things I'm really going to miss:
The local farms that have the tastiest ice cream on the planet.  And I haven't even tried all the ice cream on the planet.  Yet I can claim this with total confidence; that's how good it is.

The blossoms.  What!  Do they get any prettier than this?  And they're everywhere.  Like along the side of the road, distracting me when I drive (oops Eric, forget you read that).

I'll miss the hidden parks with beautiful green grass and enough space for Aspen to get out her wiggles.  They're little pockets of heaven in the city.  And I've only just begun to discover them!

And I'll miss the bike path behind our split-family-home that leads straight to Walgreens. 
I'm sure I'll be adding to this list in the future....


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

I'm already regretting that I never went to visit you in New England. When do you leave exactly? Maybe I still have time! :)

Anonymous said...

Does Eric have a job lined up already? Can you believe your 3 years is already up? Crazy how fast it all goes.

Jodi and Jesse said...

Boston will miss you!!! We are so sad to see you leave.

WeAreTheRopers said...

Fill us in on the job updates! It's a tough market, you might just have to travel for a couple years until things start opening up :)