Sunday, July 19, 2009

Newport Bridge

Eric's always said he's a mountain person, not a beach person (if he had to choose between the two).  I'm stuck somewhere in the middle.  The mountains are stunning, green (or white), and full of adventure, I know.  But there's something about the beach.  It's mysterious.  Kind of lonely, and a little creepy, let's just say it.  I don't think I could live in a small beach town, but visiting one is so great.  And come on, the Oregon coast rocks because not only do you get gorgeous beaches, but pine trees surrounding them.
I'll post more photos later of our trip to Newport (I'm going to see my sister Sasha for a couple days), but here's one of my favorites, and unfortunately I can't claim it.  At the end of our week Eric admitted that the beach had really grown on him, and I think this photo he shot shows he's got a wonder for it, too!

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Sarah Lenhart said...

Cool photo! Spending some quality time at the beach sounds like so much fun!