Monday, August 31, 2009

Favorite Quote

My little sister Demri played football in high school. I'm not kidding! She was the field goal kicker on a team of boys. She was the sporty prototype: she was an amazing soccer player, and excelled in pretty much any sport she played. One day, as a joke, I asked her if she would ever consider going out for cheerleading. I'll never forget her response: "Chelsi, I don't cheer for people. People cheer for me." Enough said!
Demri arrived in Chile last Monday after spending two months in the Missionary Training Center in Provo. I can't wait to hear from her!


ellen said...

Great quote! You should cross-stitch it on a pillow!!

Petertammenson said...

Oh man, this is some solid self-esteem! I love it!!

Marlies said...

Good for her. Sometimes it gets old being the cheerleader type and you do want others to be cheering for you more.