Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Lake Tahoe poem

clear, blue water
sunburn, on my back
couldn't get enough yogurt covered raisins
a vacation home here would be wicked
i say wicked because i used to live in boston
very, very cold at the campsite
holy cow i didn't bring a heavy jacket for
mornings and evenings
why did we pick such a shaded campsite
large grains of sand; i like better than tiny ones
my sis is a tough prego
seven months prego and a camping girl!
yummy cornbread muffins made by Sash
the hike Eric and i did was great
thanks auntie and uncle for watching the baby
the ground squirrels here are nasty little things.


Petertammenson said...

Ground squirrels - man, I miss those buggers! Lovin' the free verse!

Anonymous said...

Aspen is so cute in that swimsuit!