Monday, November 9, 2009

Wedding bells

Saturday Eric's sister Annie married her beau, Rusty. It was a beautiful wedding, and a beautiful day! Lots of Eric's family came into town, and it was so fun to see everyone. Aspen was royally spoiled. Royally spoiled.....
Sorry these photos aren't the best. It's hard to take a good photo when you're chasing around your offspring.
Annie's colors were black, white and pink. Hence, Eric wore a pink tie. He says he'll never wear it again, but I thought he looked pretty smashing in it. So I had to take a picture!
I found this black dress at Marshall's for $10 and I loved it; only it was too short for me. So I went and got some black satin and added it to the bottom to lengthen the hem. I'm so glad it worked. It was a little ify at first.
These photos were taken outside the temple (Boise) where Annie and Rusty were married. I wish I would have taken a photo of the temple and grounds, because as you can see, they were in full autumn splendor. Doesn't this couple make a beautiful pair? Congratulations, guys.


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

You guys are such a cute family. I just love Aspen's pearl bracelet! How cute is that?
And Eric's sister and husband do make a beautiful couple! Congrats to them.

Nathan & Bethany Soelberg said...

I totally think you rocked the shirt dress! Good job at making it work and being so crafty!

Beautiful wedding!