Monday, December 14, 2009

This weekend was great! The pipes in our church building blew out last week, so church was cancelled on Sunday (oops, that came out wrong). Luckily, Sasha and James were in town, so we managed to stay busy. Eric's sister Annie and her husband Rusty (who live down the street) joined us for a while as well, so we had a full party.
We decided to take advantage of the snow and build ourselves a snowman. Aspen thinks they're scary, so we thought we'd dispel her fears by having her make one herself!
We actually ended up making two snowmen, and Aspen decided that eating snow was much better than making a snowman out of it.
Aspen going in for the kill!
After a while we went inside and made some peppermint hot chocolate, which took about 20 minutes because the recipe was so complicated. Who ever heard of a complicated hot chocolate recipe? But it was worth the wait, I have to say.
I didn't realize until it was too late that I didn't have any photos of Sash and James. Their little Eli didn't make it out in the snow with us. Doh! Sorry these last two photos are a little blurry; this one of Aspen and her Aunt Annie on the counter was just too cute to leave out.


Kevin & Rhiannon said...

I bet it felt great to enjoy a whole 2 day weekend...the kind of weekend that the rest of the world has every week!

Nicole said...

Aspen cracks me up! Snow looks like fun with kids... I'm excited (and kind of nervous) to enjoy it next year :)