Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sometimes the rain ain't so bad

It's been really rainy here. And windy. It definitely stinks, but I have to say that there is something good that comes from it: I get my husband back!
The week before last found him outside in the backyard, every night. Getting our yard going has proved to be quite a task, and Eric is installing our sprinkler system.
Just before he could finish, the rain came down, and our yard has remained a groundhog's paradise. I know the weather's going to warm up soon, and Eric will be back in the yard, but at least I can enjoy him before it does.
And let's face it: there are some definite perks to having him do such manly things outside, in the dirt. Like this view here.


Anonymous said...

We've definitely had our fair share of rain and wind here, too! I'm ready for something a bit warmer and drier...

Hope you had a great conference/Easter weekend!

Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

Hubba Hubba!