Monday, May 17, 2010

About a year before Eric and I got married he went to Bryce Canyon with his parents. They did an eight mile hike while they were there, and evidently there was a family with a four-year-old there doing the same hike.
Eric said the four-year-old hiked the entire eight miles by himself, and ever since Eric's determined to have our kids that well trained too. So we decided to take Aspen to the foothills the other day and get her started.
Well, it was pretty funny. All Aspen wanted to do was bend down and pick thinks up and eat crackers. We didn't blame her; there were lots of pretty things to see and look at. We tried to gently push her along, but I don't think she got the hint.
(Yeah I'm huge). It was so great to get out! I've been feeling much better lately and have been able to do a lot of the things I've missed out on in the last couple months. I don't look very happy in this photo for some reason, but I really was having a great time.
Anyway we put Aspen in the carrier from time to time when she would let us so we could pick up the pace a little. I'm sure as she gets a little older she'll be able to focus more on the hike, but it's also fun to see her wanting to explore so much. And having her do so does make me notice the little things.Hopefully we can get her lots of practice this summer. I'm determined to stay active this summer, and with the foothills being so pretty and very close, we really have no excuse :)


Malea said...

Chels, you're SO cute pregnant! I'm glad there's a sneek belly shot in there. Looks beautiful out there. I wish I had had a more active pregnancy. I've gotten around the block most days!

Kimberly Miller said...

You guys are the cutest parents in the world! And Chelsi you look so cute!

Sarah Lenhart said...

Such a cute little preggo belly. :)

Jodi and Jesse said...

You are not huge at all! But I understand that you feel that way. I felt gigantic my entire second pregnancy! You are adorable though!!

Anonymous said...

2 year olds always make things more interesting, that's for sure!She is so cute.