Monday, May 31, 2010

Eric and I have been married for almost five years. In those five years, we have moved six times. I'm not complaining; those years were years of discoveries, adventure, and new beginnings. It seems strange now, though. Usually this time of year we're getting ready to move somewhere new, and yet this year we're staying put. It's nice to be in one place, with a steady job and the confidence that when you make new friends you'll all be sticking around for a while. But we're itching to get out of our routine, if just for a day or two.
Our backyard looks like a wild prairie land, due to the high amounts of rain we've been having. Every time Eric gets ready to mow the lawn, it starts to pour. So we decided to pitch our tent in it last night and go camping, since it looks like we're out in the wild anyway. Honestly, the grass has to be somewhere between eight and ten inches high.
Aspen's Papa has been spoiling her lately and bought her her own kid-size sleeping bag (which is stinking cute), so she just had to try it out. Anyway, it was a fun way to just get out of the house for a night, free of charge. It was the perfect campout: when I got hungry I just popped in the house for a snack, and while inside grabbed an extra fleece and took a trip to the toilet (sorry about the details guys, but I am pregnant here). I told Eric we should try to do this once a week during the summer, and he seemed alright with the suggestion :)


Nathan & Bethany Soelberg said...

hey i have been meaning to tell you guys congrats on baby number 2! So so so excited for you guys!

I love keeping up with the Ritters via blog ... your house and little girl are so fun. And of course your cooking adventures i very much enjoy. Glad all is well with you three.

We are enjoying Oregon ... but do tire of the rain - especially this year with extra wetness. But we will be here as long as Nate can teach at the University and we aren't complaining about that.

I totally get the whole moving thing too! Even if it was just moving across town - we are always moving (well we were like that before marriage ... we shall see now!) We have both lived in Eugene for going on three years now and have not stayed in the same place longer than a year. Crazy lives we lead!

Best - Bethany

Jodi and Jesse said...

Fun idea. Wish we had a yard!!