Friday, August 27, 2010

The other day Aspen and I joined our friends Danielle and Olivia for a romp in the peach trees. We rode out into the countryside and picked our way to paradise. Boy do I have it bad for fall!
It was a beautiful, cool morning, with a great breeze. When I got home all I wanted to do was go to another farm and pick more fruit so I could go home and bake all day.
Danielle's from Virginia, so of course on the way home all we could do was talk about East Coast pumpkin patches, Halloween, and on and on. Oh, and the apple cider. And the baked goods at the farms, which they don't have as much out here.
Okay, enough about Boston falls. It was beautiful where we were the other day! Green, rolling hills, and farms every which way. And apple picking season just around the corner.....
It was so fun having the girls there to play together. On the way home they just sang and laughed and joked around, like a couple of schoolgirls. So cute.
All right, so now I've got a bunch of peaches ripening on my what next? Hopefully I'm going to be trying my hand at canning. It's a little intimidating for me to think about, but come on; I can't let all these peaches go to waste!


Sarah Lenhart said...

I get the same way about Boston. :sigh: I've scheduled a trip with Lillian's playgroup to a farm next just doesn't feel like Fall without a farm trip!

Btw, Khale's secretary made this really yummy spiced peach jam last year. If you aren't feeling up to canning, freezer jam is super easy.

Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

I want to go to a farm. Remember how we would go to Grandads orchard and pick to our hearts content? Yah, this time of year is hard when you live in a place that doesn't really feel like autumn. Jealous! You have all the fun.

Anonymous said...

Those peaches look so yummy!!!!