Thursday, January 27, 2011

I wish I had a photo of Oakley smiling but this is the best I can do right now :) Good thing he's cute when he cries!
Well the first few months of this baby's life have been packed full of issues, the poor thing! All have been minor, which I'm so grateful for; I just can't figure this little guy out. Aspen was the ideal baby: she slept through the night pretty quickly, she ate every 4 hours (even during the day), and she was pretty much happy all the time. So when Oakley is upset about something, it's hard for me to know if its normal or if there's really something wrong. We found out he has a milk protein allergy, so that's helped to make him happier, thank goodness. The regular crying fits every night have stopped, but he still has random ones a couple times a week.
On the up side, he still finds plenty of opportunities to smile, and his legs, oh his legs! I just want to chomp them up. He's just about doubled his weight in 2 months, and while it's not easy on my back I really prefer him chubby. Overall I absolutely love having a little boy in my life, something I wasn't sure I would feel. I just didn't know if we would connect the same way Aspen and I did. But I fell for him so fast and it's been wonderful!


B. B. said...

He is cute--even when he cries! Sorry to hear he's having a rough time. Both my kids have dealt with milk protein issues. Pearl has been by far the worst as it contributes to her silent reflux and we are still really struggling. Have you switched him to formula or are you eliminating from your diet? I did the elimination for awhile and couldn't keep it up. I was hoping that with time she would outgrow it but it looks like we may have to switch her to formula soon. I hope you have better luck than we've had. It's really been pure hell for us (the reflux in connection with the protein issues). Pardon my language but it's the truth!!

Nicole said...

You know, I've heard baby girls are easier; They usually eat less and sleep more. Boys, though, don't expect them to sleep through the night until they're about a year old. Neither of mine did. It's exhausting. And frustrating. But they're so adorable that they're worth it! I hope things get better soon, though! A crying baby is so much harder in the middle of the night.