Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The last couple days I've been pretty sick with a cough and sore throat so the kids and I haven't left the house unless we had to. It's been nice though to just stick around and play with blocks, read stories, and bake with our fireplace running. I leave the thermostat pretty low so I can have the fireplace runnign all day and I love it!
Oakley's been more serious the last couple days about learning to walk. He's been just on the brink for so long with no interest, but I guess something clicked yesterday and he finally waddled his way between Aspen and I, over and over again.
I was so proud of my little boy! I really could just sit and help him walk all day long. It's so fun to see him accomplish something new.
Aspen's been a great helper and example. She's been showing Oakley how to walk between Eric and I and it's done the trick to get him moving.
Here's a shot of the back of Oakley's hair. It's hard to see the trim I did but trust me, it looks so much better!
The other thing Oakley did yesterday was say his first words (Eric says he's been saying this for a while now but I never caught it until last night). When he's done eating he'll say, "all done," which sounds more like, "aaaah doh!" It's really cute.
For some reason he loves having his binky in his mouth upside down. What is it with my kids and binkies?! I just think they look so cute with them popped in their mouth.

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