Thursday, June 14, 2012

My brother Ian came out to visit last month with his little ones in tow. They were able to stay for about a week and it was crazy fun. And by that I mean it was crazy. And fun.
Lucas, Kimber and Aspen have a very...delicate relationship and after just a day or two it was all Ian and I could do to laugh about it until we cried. And of course they all just fed off each other. One day we were driving home from a train museum and were passing out goldfish crackers. The kids ate them all gone and then asked for some more. "We don't have anymore, they're all gone," we told them. This of course deferred the kids in no way and they continued to ask for more goldfish. "We-don't-have-anymore. They're-all-gone...." Finally after more asking we just started laughing. "Well, unless you can magically cause some goldfish to appear, there isn't any more!" Ian instructed. I don't know if the kids every really listened to what we were saying. Oh it was funny.
We had a great time though. Ian is a huge gardener and gave me lots of great tips about my garden. We made bread and talked recipes and Ian was awesome and built us a trellis for our cucumbers. It was great seeing Lucas and Kimber too; they really are adorable, special little kids. Anyway when he left I got that empty feeling that I always get after someone I love has to go!

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