Saturday, January 12, 2013

 My friend Amanda and I met at the Boise Aquarium last week.  The kids have gone with their grandparents before, but I had never been there and was curious to see it.  Being from western Oregon, I still think it's weird a landlocked Idaho would have an aquarium!
 But it was actually pretty impressive.  Their were aquariums stocked full of beautiful sea life I had never even heard of before.  When I thought we were done going through it there was a whole other section we found, just as big as the first.  We were there for two hours and it was worth the money we paid to get in, something I had doubted before.
 Last night we had Eric's parents come over so we could announce the gender of the baby.  With my family being so far away, I just called them to tell them the news.  But I wanted to do something more exciting with Eric's parents.  I did the whole cake routine, but only gave myself about 45 minutes to make the cake, cool it, and frost it.  I definitely needed another 30 minutes at least, but just frosted it while it was warm anyway since I had run out of time.  Needless to say, it wasn't very pretty, but it still got the message across because inside it  And it was delicious, even being from a box.
So let me just say that from the beginning of my pregnancy I was sure I was having a girl.   95% sure.  All the signs pointed to it, and I would find myself saying things to Eric like, "she's kicking!"  I was even planning on giving my little sister all of Oakley's old clothes for her little boys.  So when I found out that our little kicker was a boy, saying Eric and I were in shock is an understatement!  We're still getting used to the idea:  Aspen and I hanging out while Eric and "the boys" do their thing, Oaks having a little brother to wrestle with, Aspen keeping her own room while we buy a bunkbed for "the boys".
At this point we may have one more who knows.  But I feel like I'm getting to know this baby all over again, now knowing that I'm going to have another little guy to fall in love with!

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Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

Yeah, I was kind of surprised the aquarium in Salt Lake was not too bad, either, on the inside anyway.

Congratulations again Chelsi! I will forgive you for not giving me Oakley's old clothes and I am excited you are having another boy! Now Ezra will have a a cousin to play with and to pick on. :) I can't wait to meet him!