Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's 1:30 in the morning and here I am typing in bed.  I've been trying to go to sleep the last 2 hours with no luck so I'm going to try sharing my thoughts.  My mind won't switch off tonight!  Sorry, still no photos.
Today was an important day.  Birch finally rolled over, and to celebrate I decided to feed him his first spoonfuls of rice cereal a week early.  During his first bite he gave me that look of pure disgust; he wasn't a fan of the cereal but by the end of the week I hope he'll have a change of heart!  Hypoallergenic formula doesn't come cheap.
This afternoon while Aspen was at school and I was attempting to feed Birch, I had Oakley decorate Aspen's old booster seat with Cars stickers.  The passing down of boosters has come, as Birch will now use Oakley's, Oakley will use Aspen's, and Aspen won't have one at all.  Feels like a big thing for me.  Anyway while we were sitting there at the table, listening to Christmas Jazz on Pandora, I had one of those moments of pure joy and contentment.  Just a feeling of true gratitude for all I've been given.
Birch is still as smiley as ever, loving to grab things before you can say "slow down buddy!" with that serious, focused look babies get.  Aspen always wants to hold him and has ignored a couple of the rules a few times, ending in poor Birch having a bump on his head and Aspen crying because she feels so badly for having hurt her baby brother.
Aspen has a friend in school, Dylan.  He is quite a cute kid, well behaved with cute speech.  Sometimes when he talks its as if he has an accent of some sort.  One day she came home declaring she was going to marry Dylan (I went into shock) because "his mom doesn't do his hair and it gets all crazy sometimes" (started to not be in so much shock).  Then there was "career day" and they both happened to dress up as doctors, because they both want to be doctors, and were wearing the same stethoscope.  And their middle names are both "Rae" (Dylan's is Ray).  Cute but a little scary.
Oakley looooooves his cars, which he pronounces "CA-wes".  And he has his "killing cawes" that kill lions (because he's obsessed with lions).  He cut his hair for the first (and last...) time, right in the front of his head, right in the middle of his head, right when I had it just how I wanted it, after almost a year of trying.  Oh well.  I hope he enjoyed himself!  When I kiss him goodnight I have to give him "two hugs and two kisses".  And his favorite color is "geen".
Eric and I have been de-ghettoing the Subaru and it feels great!  The cracked windshield we've been suffering with has been replaced and so has the burned out headlight.  Feels good.


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

YOU BLOGGED!!!!! I've missed you!

LOved this post. It was even great using my imagination to picture everything. Seriously, love your cute family! xoxo

Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

I can't wait to hold Birch again!

So funny that Oakley has cars that kills lions...

I have to confess I can't wait to see and hold ALL your cute kids again!

(P.S. Today when Elijah was talking to Oakley on the phone I heard Elijah say, "Oakley, your Daddy is Chelsi's Eric...and Demri has an Eric....Sometimes, everybody has Erics..." I thought is was many Erics...)