Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We took the kids skiing this afternoon. We left Birch with Pete and Ami and hoped for a productive day. It was Oakley's first time at Bogus and we were anxious to see how he did.
We underestimated the amount of help the kids would need, and since I'm no ski instructor Eric had his hands full.
At one point Aspen and I got pretty stuck trying to get on the magic carpet. She couldn't make it up the slope and was too heavy for me to lift. Everyone around us thought it was pretty funny, but we sure didn't! Once we actually made it onto the carpet and had been on it for a minute Aspen got tired and thought it would be a good idea to sit down, putting her little behind on the side and off the carpet. Oh it was bad. She stopped moving, I ran into her, then grabbed her as fast as I could and rolled us both off the carpet.  I told Eric he could get Aspen on the carpet from then on!

Oaks did a great job. Eric said he progressed quickly, and he didn't want to leave when the time came.
Aspen did great too, but needed a little time to brush up on things. Once she did she had a great time. Notice her hair in this photo. ;)

After we went up and down the bunny hill a couple times Eric took the kids up on the lift, which was the highlight for the kids. 
It was a gorgeous day, a good day to ski, even though there wasn't a ton of snow.
Happy New Year! 

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