Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Poor Birch has a pretty boring dietary life. Turns out not only does he have a milk protein allergy, he is also extremely sensitive to constipation and gas. So finding a variety of foods he can eat is pretty challenging. Basically it's peaches, pears and prunes for breakfast, and peas, beans, carrots and other root veggies for dinner. His doctor told me to keep him strictly on fruits and vegetables for his constipation, but every now and then i will give him some bread or cereal. Last night he went to town on some black beans and was very miserable, waking up and screaming during the night. Poor thing! I am realizing how sensitive his tummy really is. To make things worse poor Ian and his fiancée Kaylene were staying the night with us on their way to Utah! Sorry guys!

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Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Oh, poor Birch! That is rough. :( Is there any chance he'll grow out of these allergies? I hope so. Food allergies are just not any fun!

But he sure is CUTE!!!!

:) Love you! And excited for Ian!