Monday, August 25, 2014

Well Eric and I took Aspen to her first day of first grade today. She could. not. wait. and wanted to wear her "flakey shirt" that I found and knew she just had to have (it's sequined). I feel like I wrapped her in a hug, patted her little behind and sent her out the door.  Feelings of guilt and motherly self reflection have plagued me for weeks. Have I done all I can? Taught her all I should have? Will I still have as much influence in her as I have in the past? Etcetera, etc. Seven hours is way too long for her to be gone.
After we dropped her off Oakley wanted a ride in the trailer so Eric hitched it up for me and the boys and I rode around for a bit before Birch's nap. Today has been a cloudy, cooler, gorgeous day so it was marvelous. I'd love to do that every morning. I don't ride my bike a fraction of the amount I used to!

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