Saturday, August 9, 2014

Well it's past 3:30 in the morning with little chance of sleep for me so here I am. The mommy inside me is keeping me awake because Birch woke up an hour ago having spit up a good deal of last night's milk, twice, and I'm thinking he probably needs a higher dose of Xantac. Which I had a feeling we needed to take care of before we left on our trip to Washington, but that was Tuesday afternoon and we left on Wednesday and there just wasn't time. So my eyes want to shut but my brain won't turn off in the case he spits up again. 
I'm the kind of mother that wants to give my child some kind of relief when they're suffering, any kind if I can get it. I'm "that mom" that the doctor gives a prescription of antibiotics to just to appease, knowing it won't really help my kid, just my nerves. Eric is really good about looking at all options and waiting things out a bit when one of the kids are sick, which is good. 

Each of my kids has had reflux. For quite a long time. Aspen had it for a year before it went away on its own, and Oakley had to visit an ENT, who finally cured him of it when he was two. Each has had jaundice to varying degrees, as well as digestion issues. 
Signing off...going to try sleeping again....

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