Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We had a lot of family coming into town last Friday, and a lot of projects to do around the house. So Eric and I decided to get them all done during the week before company came, which was ambitious to say the least. Among our to do list was painting several walls, washing the walls and windows, cleaning and organizing the pantry, fridge and freezer, and the list goes on.  Somehow I managed to spend about 5 hours a day doing projects, which left me missing my usual time with the kids.  But, by Friday afternoon when Dad and Lisa arrived, our projects were done and our house looked marvelous!  I literally collapsed today on the couch and figured it must be last week catching up with me. But really we needed a push to get our projects done so it was a good thing.  Friday morning the kids and I decorated the house and I finished assembling Aspen's cake. The reason everyone was coming was Aspen's baptism, which was held on Saturday.  We sure were grateful for our family's support and for the sacrifices they made to travel to Boise for such a short amount of play time.

By Saturday everyone was here, but the baptism wasn't until the afternoon so we spent the morning getting ready and also chilling.
After lunch I asked Sash and James if they were up to some Canasta, and of course the answer was yes :)
How beautiful is my sis?  We got in a run that morning too, which I had really been looking forward to.  The morning was warm and sunny, and we ran along a stream filled with swimming ducks.  I should have snapped a photo!  If Demri had been there it would have been perfect.
Unfortunately Ian and Kaylene weren't able to come out either, but they sent Kimmie with Dad and Lisa, and I was so relieved.  Aspen would have had a nervous breakdown if her cousin/adopted sister hadn't come to stay.  Mom spent lots of time with the girls, helping them make dresses for their stuffed animals and fixing Aspen's hair for her special day.
 Just about time to go!

 Pete, Ami, Aunt Mary, Eric's brother Danny as well as baby Beckam (Annie and Rusty's 2 beautiful month old boy) came over just before we left.
Aspen's two front teeth stick out pretty far right now; poor thing...she'll need braces one day but for now she looks so cute with them poking out when she smiles.  Before she chose to be baptized we explained to her what it would mean; making a two way promise to her Heavenly Father to be an example of Jesus Christ and to do what He would always remember Him and that in return she would have His spirit to guide her and help her in her life.  She would also start paying tithing on any money she earned and slowly start fasting a meal once a month.  We were so happy when she decided it was something she wanted to do.
This has to be one of the least flattering pictures of all time!  Wind blowing...haha but I still love it. Eric baptized Aspen in one of the LDS buildings that has a font, and she wore a white jumpsuit. After changing back into her dress her Papa gave her a special blessing giving her the gift of the Holy Ghost, or God's Spirit, which will be with her all the time when she is making good choices.  It was really special and I hurriedly wrote down all that Pete said so I could put it in her journal.  Her friend Annabelle was there with us for the's a picture of Anna with Aspen and Kimmie.

Oakley refuses to wear his ties any way but this way (above) so he doesn't have to button the collar of his shirt.  I've finally come to terms with it and now it cracks me up.

With Dad, Lisa and Kimmie.
With her Uncle Danny.
Such great photo of Roo with her Papa.  Nice work Ami :)
 Roo and her Nana.

After the baptism we all went to Costa Vida for dinner.  I loved that our kids had their cousins to play with.  They just don't get enough cousin time.  Maybe one day that will change.
Then we went home and had some cake, white chocolate covered strawberries (thanks Ami!) and cookies (thanks Pete!), as Aspen opened some gifts to celebrate.  Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us.
The next day after church my family left for home and we headed to Annie and Rusty's house.  Pete was giving Beckam a special blessing (through a prayer) to help him in his life (common in the LDS church).  Rusty's family was there too and we had a great time.  After the beautiful blessing we enjoyed a delicious lunch, great company and some Just Dance!

Last night there was a Relief Society birthday dinner.  The RS is the LDS women's organization. It's been around now for 173 years.  To celebrate we had a fun dinner, some games and a favorite things gift exchange.  The funny thing is that I was one of the only girls at our table to bring a gift that wasn't chocolate.  Suzie (in the glasses) hasn't eaten chocolate for years by choice.  She ended up with my gift (some Aussie instant freeze hairspray - definitely one of my favorite things), so it all worked out.  It was so fun to spend time with the Sisters from church.  Melinda (in black) and I used to serve together in the primary on Sundays with all the children.  I'm not there anymore but she is, and we miss each other.  Melinda is only a year older than I and has a daughter 20 years old!  Amy (in the pink hat), is moving soon to Couer d'alene, Idaho up north and I will miss her when she's gone.  She is a really awesome person...has her own Etsy shop and it is thriving.  I can't believe she's only 26 years old.  I'm really grateful for all the amazing, strong, courageous and faithful women in my life.

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ellen said...

What a nice day! And Canasta? I love Canasta!!

Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

It was such a fun weekend Chelsi! We are so glad we got to come out and be a part of it all. Thanks for always being the amazing hostess.