Thursday, November 10, 2016

Going to work backwards...Oakley is turning 6 on the 13th, so Eric got to visit his kindergarten class and read a book.  The class sang to Oaks and Mrs. Cox blew bubbles so he could pop 6 of them (cute).  Oakley told me it was really special having his dad visit his class since it's me that's always going to help out :)
Halloween night was a treat for us (pun intended!).  We were in a new neighborhood this year.  We met up with friends and around 7:00 the street was like Hocus Pocus; people everywhere.  Our old neighborhood was never hopping like that.  It was a lot of fun.  Annie joined us too.  Then we came home and watched Charlie Brown's Halloween.
O's T-Rex pumpkin (the kids pick what they want on their pumpkins and then Eric and I create them haha).  Eric carved this one.  He is quite the pumpkin carver.
B wanted a chameleon (much easier so I tackled it).
Aspen's cat (Eric again).
Some of Oakley's drawings.  He has really neat handwriting and I love his creations.

The boys helped me prune last week.  I brought in some magnolia and birch branches for the mantel.
The kids and I went for a walk the other day and decided to head to our old neighborhood and tot lot. It was really pretty!

The boys catching a great view of the recycling truck last week.

Snapped these of the boys when we were at the park a few weeks ago.  The sky was really overcast and ominous.  A perfect day for the park as long as it doesn't rain!

Had to take some photos of the park while we were there.  The leaves were a bit past their prime but still vibrant.

We headed to the cabin the middle of October for a long weekend.  Our friends the Howes joined us again this year and it was just as fun as last year!  The weather couldn't have been more perfect.  We hiked, fished, rode the four wheeler, slack-lined, pizzaed, wildlifed.... :)


Nothing like Cascade in the fall!
A ghost Oakley drew.  So cute I laughed (when he wasn't looking).
B and me at the park.  He loves those swings!

I shot this a few weeks ago on a run.  The sky looked like it was going to pour buckets of rain, but no rain was in the forecast so I headed out.  Luckily the forecast was right and I stayed dry, but the sky sure made for a beautiful run.  Give me a pretty cloudy day anytime.
More O art.  Pirates.
I shot this one day because I love this street (Artisian).  I pass by it twice a day when I take the kids to school and have always thought it would be a great setting for a family photo.  Maybe one day I'll make it happen.
Kimmie got baptized in October so we headed out to Washington to be there.  We had such a fabulous time.  Here are the kids enjoying refreshments after the baptism.

We went to sushi one night.  Ian and Kaylene had told us about a restaurant nearby that brings all types of sushi dishes to you via conveyor belt, and we had to try it.   Lots of fun but boy those dishes add up fast!  We ended up forking out over $70 for dinner.  Yikes.
Ian took us to some wetlands while we were there.  It was so beautiful!

In front of all Ian's kiwis.  He netted something like 60 lbs. this year!
Ian's green house that he built.  We had a lot of fun channeling our chi and catching some relaxing vibes inside ;)

B was so excited to ride on Uncle Ian's tractor while we were there.  He was a little nervous at first but then really enjoyed it.

One night Ian and I headed out for some sibling time.  We headed to the Almond Roca factory (you know it) and then to an Asian market to check out all their amazing seafood and other items.  It was a really fun evening and I'm so glad I got some Ian time.  Eric basically told me to leave the kids with him and have fun (thanks honey).
Random photo but here's B eating a donut.
We went out for a walk one evening with the kids and I asked Eric to stop and take this photo because: B was wearing two different shoes, O was wearing his snow boots and pajamas (in September I believe), and Aspen was also in her jammies.
We made it to the pumpkin patch one day with Eric's family.  Lots of fun memories :)

Aspen with her adorable cousin Beckham.

We bought a freezer for our garage, and let me just say it was like Christmas morning for me.  I have been wanting one for so long!  I had a lot of fun stocking that freezer, let me tell you.  More to follow on that.
B's pout.
Steaming apples.  My friend Leslie and I started making applesauce later in the week.  When all was said and done and my jars were in a row, Eric mentioned to me he doesn't like applesauce!

Oaks with his airplanes he asked me to make him.  Kinda fun actually.

Daddy dog pile
After getting the freezer we also got a Costco membership.  Can I get a what what!  I have been wanting a membership for the last year or two, and now that we had a freezer that membership was so much more doable.  So yes our freezer is stocked with delicious Costco frozen broccoli and blueberries, among other things.
Here are some family photos courtesy of Leslie.

Aspen went to a church activity before Halloween with her Papa.  He was a cop and she (of course) was a donut.  So fun for her to get to go with her Papa!
We had several praying mantises in our yard this September.  Kids thought that was the best.
My boys.

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