Sunday, September 24, 2017

Unfortunately I spent an hour yesterday typing all about the last several weeks and somehow my computer lost all of it!  I'm so disappointed!  But I don't have time to rewrite all of it, so I'm going to have to just list things off.  My photos posted in backwards order so that's the order we're going in :/
O ran the Fit One 5k with his Papa yesterday and really liked it.  He ran almost the entire way.  He wants to do it again or try the 10k next year.  Go O!

My pal Les and I ran the 10k and it was awesome.  Loved it and was happy with my time.  Ran my personal best pace and we finished in the top three for our age group.  Les broke a 7 minute mile pace at 6:59.  She is amazing!!
B play doh man
lunch with B on the back patio

photos from Eric's guys' weekend at Goat Creek Falls

Scentsy Bash with Ashlyn (Roo's BFF) and little sis Katie (Birch's future wife according to him)
face painters were really great this year

fireworks show

Eric at guys' weekend
B with crazy bath hair
playing catch in the yard

Roo on date with Eric with new violin music books (she's taking orchestra at school this year)

B's first day of preschool
watching movies at Grammie's and Papa's with Beckham
Riding the chairlift at Bogus with the kids.  We went hiking one day while Eric and Pete mountain biked up there.

Then rode the chairlift afterwards.  Really neat experience.  I did it once in the summer with Eric up at Tamarack and knew the kids would love it.  Well worth every penny.

from our hike....

mormon cricket.  never seen one before.  really creepy looking thing!

The kids chillin' on the back patio
having lunch at Scentsy with Daddy
B riding his pedal bike for the first time!!
I bought this shirt for B, Ami bought the pants and suspenders. Together they make him look like a little pioneer!  He didn't love the combo.
Our friends the Howes bought a zipline and set it up in the green space behind our house one night (the kids call it the ditch).  We had a great time ziplining that night!

Unfortunately I was too busy helping people zip to take many pictures.

tumbling in the living room

O dressed B up one morning as Sensei Wu from Ninjago.  Don't know who it is but it keeps me laughing every time I look at this.
first day of fourth grade
first day of first
At the cabin for the eclipse.  Eric put his hammock up for me one day when I had a headache and everyone else was going swimming.  It was a pretty nice oasis!

The eclipse was amazing!

We had a large group to enjoy it with. Family, extended family, and friends.  Ami had treats with a space theme, and Annie had a playlist.  It was a lot of fun.

ridin' behind the four wheeler with Uncle Bill
These photos are from our amazing and wonderfully fun trip to Oregon that we are still talking about!

Multnomah Falls and trail

Dad's old house on Fairhaven Drive in Corvallis
Grandmother and Granddad Cornelius's graves at the Oak Lawn Cemetery

Our time at the farmhouse.  So wonderful and loved every minute!!
Oaks by the Oak
Love this drive! And this guy.

Seeing what's new; getting the tour from Bethany and Josh
Cousins.  Loved our time together!

Enchanted Forest.  So much fun and not just for the kids!
Haunted house

At the beach; KOA campground in Waldport.  We stayed in the front cabin; Egglis in the one behind.
kids riding the free recumbent bikes

checking out the beaches

Yaquina head lighthouse...brrr it was cold and windy!

Local Ocean Seafoods.  So good!

Looking for fossils at Beverly Beach

Sea Lions in Newport

I loved this hat
Dad's old triplex.  Wish he still owned a unit so we could stay there!

Beach in Waldport

Inkwell where Grandmother and Granddad used to own and work.  I wanted to buy so much here but settled on an OSU hat, Christmas ornament and Oregon bumper sticker.

We met the Egglis at Crescent Valley High School.
This was a gift from my graduating class

The Daystar house.  My old home.....
From Sunriver to Corvallis.  The kids needed to stretch their legs.
Our rental at Sunriver.  What a fun place this was!  And a fabulous time.  We came to see our family and cousins that we hadn't gotten to spend time with for way too long.  Bethany did such a great job organizing everything, and unfortunately I didn't take many pictures.
These were taken by Eric on our last day.  I was at the rental in bed with the flu, but they had a great time hiking in Newberry Volcanic National Monument.

Eric went mountain biking a few times while we were there; here are some photos from his rides.

O playing with duck tape.  I picked some up one day for him and it kept him busy for hours.


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Well this just made me miss you guys all the more! I need to post our Sunriver photos too. Things have been so busy that I've had a hard time finding a moment to do it.
I loved the pic of B dressed like the Ninjago guy. That was too funny. I know who it is because of my boys. It was pretty spot on. Well done O. Haha!
Love you all!

Demri Kuykendall said...

Love the, 'Oregon is above California' hat! Can't tell you how many times I said that in South America. I might have to find it online and buy it!
Thanks for sharing Chels! What fun times and a beautiful family.