Wednesday, July 18, 2018

 Aspen hates brushing her hair, but sometimes she lets me do it and after a while her hair looks so soft and pretty.  Just had to capture it!  The kids wanted to take some photos with Jones so I took a bunch.
 You can see here the interaction these two had with each other.  "Don't step on me!" 
  "Go away!"  as Oakley just laughs.  Reminds me so much of Ian and me when we were little.

 B, just doing his own thing ;)
 We had a yard sale after school got out.  The kids have wanted to have one for a long time and I was planning on cleaning out the toy room anyway so they helped me go through their things.  They could split the profit.  We ended up making $30, which was fine because I would have donated the toys anyway!  The kids did a great job of taking care of the sale; Aspen managed the money and the boys helped the customers and did some selling.  As in they sold some toys to their friends ;)
 Hiking upper Hull's Gulch with friends.  One of my favorite hikes.

 A Mormon cricket.  They're huge!

 B with his friend Carly
 Picnicking in the foothills.  We're learning where we can and can't take Jones.
 Eric in CA on a business trip, working hard on those swings with Ellie ;)
 Walking with Dad and Lisa while they visited on their way to Utah.

 kids at swim lessons; the only photo I got this year!  The rest are videos.  B's not even in this one :(
 At Scentsy for lunch
 Sash and James came to visit in June.  We had a great time bbqing, swimming,

 and playing at the story trail.

 Oh and we also went the the Village for dinner one night, and watched the fountain display afterward.

 getting cleaned up
 Sunday morning.  The Egglis left after church.  It's always so hard to say good-bye.
 front yard as the sun was setting

 B's foot in O's mouth
 We went to the cabin with our friends the Howes and Aspen brought her friend Bailey along.  She loved having one of her friends to play with while we were there!  The Howes have two boys and a little girl who's three, so Roo often feels the need for girl time when we spend a weekend with them.  And they had a great time!
 They slept out on the deck in their girled-up tent to have some space away from the boys.

 We didn't have much time up there together and it was too cold to swim, so we had a treasure hunt, made tie-dye tees and played on the slack line, rings and zip line Matt brought up.  Les and I were in the kitchen a lot.

 O and Tucker
 Les and I did get out for a run though, and the guys went mountain biking, all up at Tamarack.  I've never run up there before and it was fun.  We ran on the bike trails and then ended running through the golf course.  It was hot and challenging with hills at the end, and I loved it!
 We came home on Saturday night and then Ian, Kaylene and Foster arrived Sunday night.  We spent part of the next day with them (which was great!  Ian helped me a lot on my Costco run), did some laundry, then headed back up to Cascade on Tuesday morning for the fourth of July.
 The kids with their 4th of July shirts they got from Grammie.
 Oaks loved the firework tanks we had.  We lit two at a time so they could battle.
 I headed back to Tamarack for another run there the next day.  It was really warm by the time I got there, but you just can't beat the views!  It was beautiful!
 We hopped on the boat later that day for some water skiing and tubing.
 Me, Roo, Annie.  Aspen and Oaks waterskied for their first time.
 Later that evening Eric, the kids and I headed up to McCall for a few days.  We just bought a small cabin up there and we were excited to stay there for the first time.  Also Eric wanted to watch fireworks from the beach.  After doing our own fireworks we walked the 5 minutes to the beach and sat on the dock.
 The water was rough at first and the dock was rocking like crazy!  But as we waited for the show to start things died down and we had a nice time together.
 And the show was great! 
 We had crepes for breakfast, which is kind of a funny story.  Eric ran to the store that morning to grab some things so I had to wait until he was back before I could start cooking.  Then when I pulled out the recipe I realized I forgot to have him grab butter!  So back to the store I went.  I don't think we ate until 10:30/11:00.

 We went on a hike that day.  It was supposed to be a short one, about 2 miles round trip, but the trails weren't marked well and we ended up going twice as far. Poor Aspen was just dying of heat!  When we finally reached the lake she jumped in all the way.  Above is a beautiful moth we saw on the hike.

 We went back to the private beach that evening and went for another walk.  Surprisingly O and B had tons of energy!  But Aspen's feelings were different......

 View of the Payette lake just down the street
 On Friday Mom, Dad, Annie and Beckham met us in McCall and we paddled the Narrows. 

 That evening after tacos we headed back to the beach.
 Saturday we went to breakfast and then spent most of the day by the lake.  My hair looks super dark here!  More on that later.

 Roo trying on dresses.  I love this photo of her.  We had gone thrifting to get some things for the cabin and got roped into the dresses.
 O's photos of B and me.  My kids are always taking the funniest photos on my phone.  And not just one.  Soooo many at once!
 Haha I love this shot.  Me snoozing and B in his whities.
 With our friends the Deans and the watershed.  We don't see them enough and love our playdates!
 Another O photo. 
 So my hair saga.  I was on some medication for my headaches, and it made about half of my hair fall out.  So I'm off the meds, but unfortunately my hair has continued to fall out.  I also started using a colored conditioner to hide my highlights (I just like my natural color better) while I grow them out, but the combination turned my hair green and blue!  The only way to cover it up is to keep using the conditioner (the colors won't wash out), which makes my hair super dark.  Maybe in 6 months or so I can cut off most of my hair that carries the highlights.  I sure miss my thicker, normal hair.
 For our anniversary Eric and I headed up to McCall again.  The cabin is in great shape but the previous owners had left a ton of their things.  Plus we had furniture and other things to bring up.  We spent all of Friday and Saturday working, except for about 3 hours that we spent jumping in the lake and going out to dinner.  But it was fun, like reliving setting up our first apartment.  It was actually a neat way to spend an anniversary; bringing back old memories.
 Here's the living/kitchen area when we finished.
 Ladder up to the loft; the bedroom is to the right of the ladder.


 Now that we're almost finished (but done enough to rent it out), we've posted the cabin on Airbnb.  Things are going well so far!
 O's helicopter
B and Carly.  Jones ;)


ellen said...

Blue and green hair?!? And I like the cabin. Where is it?

Chelsi Ritter said...

Thanks Ellen. It’s in McCall, two hours north of here. Yes it really is green and blue! Some days it’s less noticeable than others.

Demri Kuykendall said...

Love your cabin! It looks like you are having such a fun summer. Thanks for sharing 💙

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Selah doesn't like brushing her hair either! I feel like I'm always reminding her in hopes of avoiding a bunch of tangles on her neckline.

It looks like you got lots of time with family visits, so fun!

Sorry to hear about your hair. I bet it will recover in no time.

Your cabin looks so inviting, Chelsi! You did a great job decorating it. It would be so much fun to visit sometime!

Love you and so excited to see you next month! Woot! Woot!!