Saturday, October 6, 2007

All Things Alaska

Ok, so I've decided to just give a nice overview of our time in Alaska, since it was such an eventful summer for us, and let's face it; we have so many photos of Alaska that we had to share more! Even the most amateur photographer can take unbelievable pictures there. We've gone through our whole collection and chosen some favorites. First of all, we saw glacier upon glacier upon glacier! We lost count after 15 or so. But they are so beautiful! We were able to go on several cruises to explore them closer, as well as a couple hikes. One of the cruises we spent with Demri and Chelsi's mom, who came out to visit in July. Chelsi's dad followed in August, as well as Eric's family. One of our highlights included kayaking, where we saw several sea otters, seals, and jellyfish. Another fun thing we did was salmon fish (on land!). We went once with Chelsi's dad and another time with Eric's family. Both times proved to be successful. Mmmm, salmon!
So we just had to include this picture of moose droppings. For some reason everyone in Alaska is obsessed with them! All of the gift shops include moose poo straws, moose poo chocolate, you name it. It does kind of look like those little chocolate footballs....
Anyway we really loved our time there and appreciated the time our families took to come out and see us!

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