Tuesday, November 13, 2007

All by my lonesome

So Eric is in Boise this week and I am alone for the next several days. I went grocery shopping and picked up some sweet & sour chicken, as well as some strawberries and whipped cream, a treat for me! Hey, I know Eric's getting spoiled by his mom so I figured I'd indulge a little too. Several of you have asked me about my pregnancy so I figured I'd take some time and share with you the highlights.
1. The cravings: ok, for those of you who haven't seen me in a while but will in the near future, prepare yourselves. I am huge. I'm not talking just tummy huge. I'm talking arms, face, back of the neck, legs, and cankles huge. Which is fine, I mean I'm pregnant, but I just want to warn you. It's not exactly a pretty sight. But there is a reason for this: my cravings. These would be potatoes, meat, potatoes, meat, and more potatoes. Oh, and on top of that, anything extremely fatting or life threatening. No fruit or veggie cravings here. The strawberries I bought are supposed to help remedy that (of course notice I had to buy the whipped cream too).
2. Work: everyone at work says to me, "i don't know how you can be on your feet all day doing massage and being pregnant!" Well, the way I can do it is that I have to! I just use all my extra body weight to reeeeally lean in on the pressure, and bingo, the client's just received a deep deep deep massage, and all I've had to do is sit on them (just joking). Today a client came in and looked at my belly and said, "give me all the pressure you can." Well, whenever someone says that to me, watch out! This little prego therapist isn't as harmless as she looks! The whole massage he was wincing (but said he loved it), and during the massage leaked out, "you're a strong woman...." Yes! Mission accomplished. Never challenge a pregnant therapist! But seriously, sometimes it's hard but I'm really doing alright at work.
3. The sex of the baby: we aren't finding out. Eric thinks it's a girl, but really we have no idea.
4. Names for the baby: so for those of you who don't know, we are choosing to name our children after trees. At first it was mountains, but there weren't enough names I liked to stick with that idea, so we switched to trees, one of our favorites of God's creations. As to what those names are, well that is going to stay a surprise too! But just for fun, if you'd like to throw in some tree name ideas, they would be fun to hear. Just please leave the name Dogwood out!
Well I think that is all the juicy stuff I can think of for now. We just had our first birthing class last night and loved it!


Marlies said...

I hate being lonely. I'm glad that you are finding ways to spoil yourself you deserve it. I've heard that being pregnant is like climbing a mountain everyday. I bet that you are starting to feel like that now-a-days. As for the cravings I just laughed. It's so different for everyone. Actually in my Bradley birthing class they said baked potatoes are really good for you during pregnancy. I can't believe you are not finding out. I don't think I could wait that long, but considering my experience it's probably better to wait. As for tree names you two kill me. That sounds like exactly the kind of thing I would expect from you both. So let's see tree names. There's the rubber tree. There's weeping willows. There's spruce trees. So how about rubber, willow, or spruce? OK maybe you should stick to names like Aspen, Sequoia, Birch? Good luck with that idea. I think I'll stick to my none corresponding names that I like. You guys are the best. I look forward to see you soon.

Rebecca said...

I am so excited for you guys and your near future arrival! Pregnancy is different for everyone, but I think for the majority we can safely say it's a tough process! I am interested to see what you end up having and the baby name you pick.

Bethany said...

I remember Eric talking about naming his children after mountains when we were digging on arrowhead hill ... that was back before you two knew you were in love ... hehehe. I guess Denali and McKinnely didn't win out - so since I helped to bring you two together, I feel like I should throw out some suggestions to name your first born as well (its only fitting that I try to infiltrate all firsts in your lives) ... Sierra, Sequoia, Willow, Aspen, Alder, Birch, Cypress, Acacia, Linden, Ashby, Aston, Holly, Hazel, Olive.

Now, are you interested in names that are derived from trees such as:

Delaney ... "Dark challenger or offspring of the challenger; from the elder tree grove." .... or

Daphne ... "Laurel tree." Mythology: virtuous Daphne was a nymph who was transformed into a laurel tree to protect her from Apollo ... or

Kaya ... "Restful place, yew tree, forgiveness; home; stone; willow, wise child."

can you tell I googled? hehe

I love that you are doing this.

Kate said...

Chelsi- I came across your blog by way of Lisa Hadley's. We've been wondered where you two were when you never came back after the summer- glad to hear you're still in the general area! Congrats on the pregnancy! We're having a baby too- I'm due May 3rd.

As far as tree names, I think Juniper is super pretty, but Logan's not convinced, so you should use it.