Sunday, December 2, 2007

A John Secada Christmas

The day after Thanksgiving the Macy's downtown always has a special tree lighting ceremony. Eric's brother, Danny, was visiting us for the week and we decided to go check it out. Does anyone out there remember John Secada? He had a 90's hit, "Make it through the day without you....". Well I loooved that song. In fact it's in my head right now. Well John was singing at the Macy's shopping season kick-off and I was excited! (Can you see him in the photo? He's in white, just like an angel. Just kidding!) It was a lot of fun. There were Christmas songs and at the end, a huge tree with over 50,000 lights was lit. John was signing cd's afterward but we decided to take off (some other time i guess). I love Christmas!


Rebecca said...

So fun to remanisce about the old days! It's so fun that you guys are so close to be able to go and enjoy things like that!

Marlies said...

That does sound fun. I not only loved that song I had the whole CD! Did you say he was an angel because of the song he sang called Angel?

Chelsi Ritter said...

no; i didn't know he wrote a song called angel; i was just being silly! that's awesome though that you had the whole cd!