Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Best Shower Gift Ever

One of the coolest baby shower gifts I received last February was a free photo shoot of Aspen.
We cashed in on it last weekend on a beautiful crisp, fall day. Aspen loved playing in the leaves in Lexington where the photos were taken.
Maybe one day we'll have a yard with our own leaves, but for now I guess parks and other people's yards will have to do.
Seeing her play in the leaves reminded me of all those years in Oregon my siblings and I would do the same. We also grew huge pumpkins in our garden; ones so big we could climb inside. Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me such wonderful memories!

And thank you Ellen for the beautiful photos!


Christine said...

Those are SO PRECIOUS! What fun for all of you. I especially LOVE the first one.

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are absolutely adorable. What a great shower gift idea!

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Chelsi, she's looking more like your baby pictures! Especially in that first shot. Beautiful! (Great work Ellen!) :)

B. B. said...

Those photos are great. So much better than any Kiddie Kandids photo you could get at the mall!

Marlies said...

I am so jealous. That is a wonderful present.

Nicole said...

That is a great gift! And great pictures!