Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanksgiving, the forgotten holiday

"I feel bad for Thanksgiving," Eric said to me this afternoon. "It doesn't even have its own cartoon." True. Somewhere between Garfield's Halloween and Charlie Brown's Christmas, Thanksgiving is pretty much forgotten. Have you ever really heard a Thanksgiving song? I've always felt bad about this. Halloween and Christmas are about giving and getting, but Thanksgiving is this innocent holiday just about being thankful for what you have.
Today we went for a drive after church, and there were leaves blowing like crazy all over the road. All the trees were naked, and the sky had a dark orangey-gray hue. We commented that it really looked like a Thanksgiving type of day. So now that I'm in the mood, here are a couple things I'm grateful for about Thanksgiving time:
1. All the beautiful leaves on the ground.
2. Adding pumpkin and squash to any recipe I can think of.
3. Eric listening to BYU football (he usually cleans while doing this).
4. Thanksgiving day, and all the glorious food that comes with it.
5. It's chilly outside, but not too cold yet, and there's anticipation for the first snow.
6. Fleece p.j.s
7. The smell of cinnamon that seems to lurk in the air when I go shopping.
8. My oil burner that's full of "fig."
9. Home-made cornbread.
10. My obsession with cooking stews begins. This year its coconut curry squash stews in particular.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Sarah Lenhart said...

I feel bad for Thanksgiving too; It's one of my favorite holidays. If you need someone to go do something pre-Thanksgiving festive with, let me know. :)

Kevin & Rhiannon said...

I'm grateful for Christmas. :)

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

What a "cozy" post! Your stew sounds amazing!! :)

Nicole said...

There is a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!!! Most people don't know about it. I love it. I used to watch it all the time when I was a kid... even when it wasn't Thanksgiving :) But, you're right, there's not much else besides that.

Unknown said...

Adam Sandler made a Thanksgiving song- but I do NOT recommend it unless you hear an edited version. (Lesson learned by me.)I do recommend Garfield's Thanksgiving and Charlie brown's Thanksgiving.