Friday, January 16, 2009

29 Going on 30

I've always thought there were several things a thirty-year-old woman should have. Now that my time has come and this blessed day is about to arrive, I've made a list:
1. a child (check)
2. a pair of clogs (check)
note: see photo above. aren't they cute?
3. a pair of dress boots to wear to church with all my skirts (check, check and check)
note: i can probably stop buying boots now
4. a couple cardigans (check as of yesterday)
5. a great bread recipe (check)
6. a Swiffer
Looks like I'm doing good except for the Swiffer. Have you ever tried one of those things? They're handy, but you just can't scrub dried food off the kitchen floor with a Swiffer mop. The only reason I feel like I need one of those is because on every Swiffer commercial they've got a young mom pushing it around, in a cardigan, I might add! Stay tuned for future thoughts on turning 30!


B. B. said...

Happy Birthday!!

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the big 30! I loved your list here. Too cute.
I'm a bit scared of 30, although I have a year and a half still to get warmed up to the idea. What are you birthday plans in just a couple weeks?!

Nicole said...

One of the few things I have on that list is a Swiffer. And I must say, it's lovely :) Doing anything special for your big day?

Sarah Lenhart said...

I feel the same way about Swiffers. They're fabulous when you have a spill or dusty floor but other than that they don't work as well as a good old fashioned mop.

Oh, the clogs are really cute! I want some now.

Lisa H. said...

Happy Birthday, Chelsi! I can't remember what exact day your birthday is. My big 3-0 is in 9 days. I don't have a kid, clogs, or a swiffer, but I do have a couple of cardigans and some boots.

Let's hang out soon as 30-year-olds, ok?

Anonymous said...

Amen about the swiffer thing! Loved "the list". I'm only a couple of weeks behind you.

Marlies said...

How did that 29th year work out? Just wondering since I am coming up on it! I look forward to hearing about your thirty year. Wow have we really lived that long?