Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Couple Thoughts.....and a couple outings

I was thinking the other day about how the best times I spend with people are the ones where we're just talking and hanging out. When my sisters were here visiting in October we did a lot of things, but the best time was when we stayed home one afternoon and chatted while playing yahtzee.

When my dad and step mom Lisa were here in November we drove to Concord one day and had chili at the Main Street Market Cafe (shown above; just pretend that suv isn't there for a moment!). We sat inside for hours while rain poured down outside, just talking. It was a moment I'll always remember! Yesterday Eric, Aspen and I headed out there for some chili and sandwiches, and had a great time (the food is delicious!). It was a much needed outing for all of us.

On our way home we found this quaint little church without any sign or name. We thought it was pretty, and loved how the stone stood out between the snow and the darkness of the trees.
A couple days ago after a large snow storm we headed out to the Middlesex Fells Reserve for a little snowshoeing. We bought our snowshoes a year ago and hadn't had a chance to try them out yet, so we were anxious to take advantage of the storm.
Here are some photos of our short trip.

(Poor Aspen couldn't move with all her snow clothes on! She was a trooper, though.)


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

What fun!!! I love moments like those too, where conversation and atmosphere collide so perfectly and make wonderful memories. Miss you!

Nicole said...

I know what you mean... whenever we go to visit my family everyone always wants to go somewhere and Dave and I just want to sit there and hang out because that's way more fun for us. Those memories are the best!

Suzannah said...

I love the snowshoeing pics. We have just been going along the river here. Aspen is adorable in her snow clothes!