Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This and That

I've never been a huge fan of coconut, but lately I can't seem to get enough.  Coconut curry, coconut flakes on everything, I've even got coconut scentsy hanging in our jeep.  Anyway I found this coconut lentil recipe I can't wait to try, and found some masala naan at Trader Joe's to go with it.  Yum!  Anyone out there have a good coconut recipe they'd like to share?
Aspen's favorite thing lately is to grab one of our water bottles (the pop-the-top kind) and take a swig.  She does this by dramatically tossing her head as far back as it will go, either with one or two hands.  If we drank alcohol I think she'd prefer a shot glass.

Today Aspen and I went to the park with our friends Jodi and Darian.  The park was gorgeous, right beside Spy Pond.  You know you've got a kid when you scout out parks.  It was a beautiful day, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Fun post! That's hilarious about Aspen and her dramatic drinking. :)

I can see so much of you at that age in the close up photo of Apsen. I know she looks a lot like her daddy, but I also see a lot of her mommy!

love you,

Jodi and Jesse said...

We had a great time too! Here's to warmer weather and more trips to the park!

Nicole said...

Liam still does the same thing with water bottles! But after he takes a swig he then proceeds to dump out the rest of the water. It's fun.

Lohra said...

YEAH! I'm glad you got something out of that, and you are good enough the way you are. We should always be aspiring but we shouldn't expect to achieve it all right now. Look at how many great things you're doing. You always impressed me at field school and I can't imagine you've changed all that much.

Lohra said...

P.S. I've been meaning to tell you. Thanks for knowing how to spell my first name right...This blog name has got people confused...and people who should know better now spell my name "Lohra." So thanks. :)

Demri Cornelius said...

ok...the pic where she is drinking the bottle makes me think of napoleon dynamite when we tilts his head back just like that and drinks his juice. how funny. that bottle looks huge compared to her. which is even funnier.