Monday, June 1, 2009

Acadia, again

Acadia National Park up in Maine is by far one of my favorite places, probably because it reminds me so much of the Oregon coast.  We headed up there last week with Eric's parents and brother, Danny (who has replaced Eric and I at the top of Aspen's list of favorite people).  The first day all it did was rain, rain, rain; but we got lucky the following day with some gorgeous weather (which I was extremely relieved about, since I had built up to Eric's family just how awesome our trip to Acadia was going to be!).  We did some fabulous hikes and stopped by the Jordan Pond House for some hot chocolate and popovers.  Of course hot tubbing at the hotel and playing games was also on the agenda.
I know I posted a ton of photos; I just couldn't decide which ones not to post!  And I know I post a lot about the hikes we do so just bear with me here.  If you're sick and tired of seeing Aspen in her pack, I understand.  But really, Acadia seriously rocks. 


Anonymous said...

Aspen looks so cute in her little swimsuit! Adorable!

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

I could never get sick of the hike posts and ALL the pictures!! They're some of my favorite posts. I love seeing the places you guys go and I love that you post so many beautiful photos!
I love Aspen's hair in those first few photos. She's rockin' the top pony! :) Aspen, you are SO cute!

Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

Chels, I love looking at all of your photos so post away! We need to get a camera so I can start posting more on our blog. I really enjoy your blog!

Sarah Lenhart said...

I love Aspen's little swimsuit. Although, I'll admit, I think all little tiny swimsuits are adorable. :)

Btw, Castle Island is in S. Boston. You can drive to it pretty easily (it's near the airport) and there's on free parking. :) You should google it and go check it out before y'all leave (ugh...I don't like thinking about that).

I'm seriously going to miss y'all.