Sunday, September 20, 2009

Race Day

Eric's dad signed up for a duathlon a couple weeks ago, and we decided to join him. Eric and I decided to do it as a team, with me doing the runs, and he the bike.
We traded off watching the little one, which was tricky but possible. Grandma helped out, too. Here's Aspen with her daddy while mommy runs her first 5k.
After my first run I passed off the timing chip to Eric and he took off on his road bike (that's him, the first guy on the left). 11 miles to go honey!
Eek! Someone get this girl a haircut!!
Here's Pete during his transition. He did the whole event himself.
Playing with Grandma. Let me just say in my defense, that I'm waiting ever so patiently for this child's bangs to grow out. It's a painful process, but I think we're almost there!
Eric and I in transition. I'm on the last part of the race, just 3 miles to go. By this time, I was pretty exhausted. I had run the first leg pretty hard, just to see how fast I could do it. However, both times I beat my personal best time. I was shocked! I think it was the whole wheat pancakes for breakfast that did the trick.
At the end, our pretty little baby was waiting for us. It was a great race, and so fun to do it with Eric. To top off the morning, we took third place! The location was great, the time of year was perfect; this is a race I'll definitely do again.


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

WOW!! 3rd place! That is AWESOME. What a fun thing to do together.
Go team Ritter!

Emily said...

dont cut her hair - she could be an 80s rock star for halloween.

good job on the race!

Marlies said...

Wow! Way to go Chelsi and Eric!