Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I pulled this box out of the closet the other day and asked Aspen if she wanted to draw on it.
Woah! Now it's all the kid wants to do. We've be outlining her hands, her feet; we even did a full body drawing on this thing. Which I wouldn't advise; it was a little creepy. The point is that there's so many sides and insides and outsides that I think we'll be drawing on this box forever.
Which I'm okay with. She gets to explore her creative self and I get to draw stars. Or doggies. Or whatever it is she wants me to make for her.
After all, who could say no to this face?


Nicole said...

I think that looks like fun :) I've actually been hoping to find a big plain box so that Liam and I could make a car out of it...

Kimberly Miller said...

Isn't it funny, we can spend tons of money on toys and they end up loving things like free boxes the most?