Friday, July 16, 2010

Today makes five years that Eric and I have been married. And we always joke that it feels like five years, if not longer. That's because we've done so much in those five years! But it's also because we just feel so right together; it's weird to think that for such a large part of our lives, we weren't.
So to celebrate this year we're going to really let our romance flow and finish our backyard. I mean what's more romantic than curbing and flagstone? Or sweating your heart out while pulling weeds? Let's be serious; it doesn't get much hotter than that.
Our last four anniversaries haven't been exactly exciting: one year I was in the ER because I was pregnant with Aspen and hadn't kept any food down for two days; another year we stayed in a morbidly sketchy inn that was walled with plywood. I wish I could describe to you the horror that was our room. Anyway, we realized that while our actual anniversaries may not have been fantastic, we had a lot of great experiences within that year. When we were in the hospital we were in a hospital in Alaska, of all places! So we can't complain.
One night in a couple weeks or so (with some luck) we'll be in our finished backyard, under the stars, sitting on our kitchen chairs we've pulled out from the house, and we'll think, now this is romantic!

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Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Your blog posts crack me up. I love your writing.

Happy Anniversary you two!! I remember that sweet photo from your wedding invites! I loved it then and love it now. You two are such a perfect pair.

Love you lots!
:) Bethany