Monday, July 12, 2010

Today at the store Aspen and I ran into some people we've seen at church. I've never officially met them, so the couple and I introduced ourselves. "I can't remember your husband's name," the guy said, "but I know who he is. Doesn't he have big hair?"
It was a funny thing to say. I stopped to think. "No-o-o-o.....not really...." I said. Maybe he was thinking of someone else? Then his wife jumped in, "It's not really big, honey. Just long. He's got long hair."
I just blinked and smiled, but I wanted to laugh, because this is the picture that came to my mind:
(Eric's the guy in the green jacket, for those of you who haven't been blessed to see this photo. I've posted it before). I said something like, "You know, he could use a trim right now, but his hair isn't exactly long."
This is Eric today, ha ha. I wish I could have shown the couple these photos; I'm sure they would have gotten a good laugh!


ellen said...

did they think Tadd was your husband?!?

Nicole said...

haha! And since when does Eric wear jeans? I remember him being very opposed to them...