Thursday, July 8, 2010

North Carolina

I've always wanted to go to North Carolina. So ever since my dad got a job out there last summer, I've been itching to go visit. Last week we were finally able to take the trip, and it was all I had hoped!
It's very humid out there, which I love. Most of my favorite places are humid, so being in North Carolina just reminded me of those places: Argentina, Puerto Rico, Massachusetts, Oregon. We did some ferry hopping to visit the outer banks, and fed the seagulls while they followed behind.
Oh it was so green! Green green everywhere. As much as I love Boise, it will never be green enough for me. I just loved all the beautiful Carolina pines, mixed in with the sand that's everywhere. It reminded me a lot of Cape Cod. (As you can tell from this photo above, it's almost impossible for me to sit with my legs together).
And of course we went to the beach.
I just love this shot of Eric in action. He really needed a surf board or something. Surf's up!
Aspen got such a huge kick out of simply sitting in the water and waiting for the waves to push her backward. She laughed hysterically; it was fun to watch her.

Eric and my dad went kayak fishing one day. They always go fishing when they're together. Isn't that marsh beautiful?

We went to Wilmington, which is an old historic town, untouched by the Civil War, and therefore has lots of old buildings and homes to see. It was really hot this day, but we loved Wilmington. (I love this shot of my dad and stepmom, Lisa).

Roo eating continental breakfast. She insisted on wearing her hat and glasses, because she was cold (I'm still trying to figure that one out).
Dad and Lisa were such great hosts, and it was so much fun to see them! Since Dad's move, I don't get to see him or Lisa very often, so this trip was a special treat for me.
Here's some random shots we took. At the bottom there is the house my dad and Lisa are building. They're staying out there for a while, which makes me sad and happy at the same time: sad because they'll be so far away, but happy because we can make another trip (or two or three) out to North Carolina.


Anonymous said...

So jealous! My husband is going on a business trip to South Carolina in a couple of weeks and I SOOO wish I was going with him...

T-Lo said...

Looks like paradise. I think I'll go visit your dad.

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Oh, that looks wonderful! I've always wanted to see N. Carolina! I want to go visit one day. Maybe we should plan a reunion at their house?? :)

I have to say, you look SO ADORABLE Chelsi! What a cute pregnant belly/figure! Go girl!

I loved all the photos. Beautiful.
:) B

p.s. Selah often tells me to turn off the a/c in the car because she is hot. lol. So I get Aspen needing sunglasses and a hat when it's cold. Makes perfect sense. :) haha

Jodi and Jesse said...

Looks so nice there and you my dear, look fabulous!!

Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

Great pictures, Chels! I loved that first one; it was great! And what a fun trip! I'm so glad you guys were able to go out there!

Marlies said...

Chelsi, I need to take the time and read your blog more often. I love to read your thought and see your great photos. You look so fabulous pregnant! I loved reading the post about the shoes. It's amazing what a pair of heels with do for you huh?