Saturday, July 31, 2010

I was talking with Eric a while back about parents, and how you never really realize how much they've done (and do) for you until you're a parent. I can't imagine my parents enjoyed going to soccer games every single saturday all day long year after year, but I never felt that they minded. In fact, they always seemed to enjoy it, just because we were on the field. Even in the rain.
One year my siblings and I told our parents we needed to have a Kids' Day. "You guys both get a Mother and Father's Day, so why don't we?" We asked. Our parents looked at each other and smirked. "Every day is Kids' Day!" They said. But they gave us one anyway, every summer. That's when they would stock us up on new croquet sets, swim gear, you name it.
This is a photo of my mother when she was pregnant with me. She would get sick the whole nine months, being put on an i.v. because she couldn't keep anything down. And she did this four times! I'm so grateful to her for her sacrifice, and for the sacrifice that my dad made as well.
This pregnancy has been a whole lot easier than my last one (so far) and I'm so grateful for that! The time has been flying, and before I know it I'll have another little one in my arms. I'm really trying to enjoy every minute I get with Aspen during the day while it's just the two of us, because I know before long our life will get a bit more complicated!! Anyway, thanks Mom and Dad for your example, and for being such great parents!


ellen said...

I love this picture of your mom!

Chandra said...

That picture is beautiful with the light coming in the window! I'm glad you're taking advantage of the one on one time with Aspen.

Tree said...

Chelsi, this is such a beautiful post. Your parents did a great job :)

Marlies said...

I can't believe how much you look like you mom in ways. That is a great photo. I've been trying to take more photos of myself this time because I think my kids will appreciate it. At least this time I can stand to look at myself pregnant.