Wednesday, August 11, 2010

After several weeks of work, we've finally finished the backyard, for now. It feels so good! No more weeds the size of a tree or ugly dirt that turns to mud. There in the distance is the flowering pear tree that we finally bought, since I've been coveting one for months. Thank you Costco for providing a cheap one for us.
This is our gravel pit, where next year we will be placing our planter boxes for the garden. Right now it's just an oasis for little girls that want to pick up rocks and throw them in the grass.
We'd eventually like to have a fire pit here in this corner, but I told Eric he should take a break for now and let his back rest. It sure does make a difference, though. We actually come outside in the evenings when it's nice and cool, instead of hide in our living room.
There in the corner is the maple tree that we planted in the Spring. I can't wait for Fall for it to change colors and throw some yellow onto our grass.


Petertammenson said...

Good work Eric!! Having a functioning backyard is so nice!

Unknown said...

It looks like a great place to play and spend an evening!

Marlies said...

That looks great!