Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grandmother's Jumper

After my grandmother had passed away my dad gave me her wedding dress. Just the other day Aspen was playing with the bag he had given me the dress in, and pulled out two little jumpers.
I had never seen them before! Whose had they been? I wondered who had made them, since they were obviously homemade. I called my dad, and he explained to me that they had belonged to my grandmother, and were made by her mother, my great-grandmother Bessie. They're about 80 years old.I've been marvelling at the pattern; they're both made from one piece of fabric that wraps around the bottom and buttons at the back. So simple! As you can see they're not in the best shape. Aspen was happy to model one of them for me.
Anyway I'm so glad to have these; what a treasure to pass down to Aspen one day. And with them will be these photos of her wearing them.


Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

I'm so glad you found those, Chels. Aspen looks stinkin' cute in it. And I can't wait until I can try one on Elijah!

Unknown said...

Chelsi, I had no idea you were pregnant. We think of you and Eric and Aspen often and miss you all. We need to be better about keeping in touch with you guys. Love, Lauri and Family.