Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another food post

Alright, my sister said it: lately my blog has been about 2 things, my kids and food. That's true, and while it makes me laugh I guess you can tell what my life's about. I was going to switch things up a bit, but then I found this recipe for Easter. I saw these bird's nests and thought they were so cute and so appropriate, I just had to post about them!
This Easter season Eric and I have really tried to teach Aspen about Christ's resurrection; I've really enjoyed Easter coming so much later this year because we've found a lot of opportunities. The other day I realized she didn't know who the Easter bunny was, and I figured that was a good sign! I made these on Sunday after comparing Christ's resurrection to a chicken hatching out of an egg. It seemed to work with Aspen and she loved her little bird's nest. This will be a tradition for us.

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