Friday, August 19, 2011

Every weekend for the past three weeks we've spent up in McCall, on campouts, staying at the cabin, and last weekend backpacking for a late anniversary getaway weekend. It's been a lot of fun, and to show for it our garage is a disaster. Good thing we're staying home this weekend!! Although we're doing some work on the kitchen so still no time for the neglected garage.
Eric and I haven't been backpacking together since our first anniversary, so it's been 5 years. Too long! Though I have to admit that my shoulders weren't in that great a shape. When the trip was over I felt kind of woozy, like when you've been rollerskating for a while and then you walk around with the skates off.
It was a beautiful hike, and when we got to the lake (around 5:00), we had so much time to relax! It was awesome. We made dinner and then read for hours. And hung out with the young buck who kept snacking on the grass around our campsite. It actually slept all night just several feet away from our tent. Which made bathroom time that much more awkward.
It's always fun doing stuff like this with Eric, since that's how we fell in love; we were on a seven week archaeological dig when we met. Hiking and camping brings it all back.
Hopefully we can get out again before another 5 years has passed!!

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It looks beautiful!!!!