Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm not very good at having family photos taken. Like most moms I like to snap shots of the kids and leave it at that. Well all my dad wants for Christmas is a family portrait of each of his kids and their families, which honestly is one of the most difficult gifts I could give! Mainly because my kids seem to be anti-camera when I want them to be cooperative.
Aspen loves to be in front of the camera, yes siree. But I guess she's at that age where 1. putting your hands on your lap, 2. looking at the camera, and 3. smiling, are hard to do all at the same time. Anyway, last weekend my awesome pal Celeste took some photos for us. Because she's so awesome.
Her husband Derek came too, with their little Maylee (who's one) in tow. And they were so great about helping us with the kids. Derek even had sparklers for Aspen to oooh and aaah at. And bribe her with :)
Anyway I know I should be better about family photos. I just kept telling Eric how one day we will be so glad we did this! When our kids are grown and we have these beautiful lasting photos to stare at while they're gone.
Eric was a great sport. He's not a fan of getting his picture taken, but he was so good about doing silly shots with me. And I loved how these piggy back ones turned out. We had some of these taken for our engagement photos but we chose different ones and I've always regretted it. Anyway the sad part is we didn't get a family photo of us all smiling so I may have to try it again sometime when the grandparents are around, but I think Celeste did an awesome job with these. And I'm glad that my dad asked for family photos for Christmas!


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

I love them all! She did a great job! And I love the outfits you chose too. You have such a beautiful family, Chelsi! Aspen's eyes are just amazing.

Sarah Lenhart said...

You guys look so cute! And I can't believe how old Aspen looks in that shot of just her. Geez. :)