Thursday, October 13, 2011

The last 2 years the Boise Police Department has hosted an evening at the Farmstead (which costs a pretty penny for admission). Eric's dad is a Captain so we've been able to take advantage of a free night there and go with his parents, which is a lot of fun.
Eric and I were remembering the first year we took Aspen to a petting zoo, and she cried. Oakley was fascinated with the goats and ponies, and also terrified. He did this sort of laugh/cry thing whenever an animal got close.
We watched some pig races, which I'd never seen before, anywhere.
The second time around Aspen was chosen to watch the race up close, and since the pig she was chosen to watch won, she got a pig nose, along with some free mini donuts. Score!
It's so hard for us to get a good family picture these days! My friend Celeste is shooting some family photos of us this weekend so I've got my fingers cross that Aspen and Oakley are happy!
Pete and Ami took the kids for a bit so Eric and I could go through the corn maze. When I lived in Provo and was going to school there were corn mazes and haunted houses/rivers/forests all over the place! I miss that, so we made sure we checked out the maze while we were there. Well we were in and out in about 7 minutes! We really tried to get lost, but just couldn't find our way deep into the maze. When we came out we looked at a map of the maze and it was huge! I can't believe we didn't get completely lost in the thing.
I love Oakley's sweet little face and cheeks. I just love having a little boy. By the way, I heard on the news the other day about a family out east that got lost in a corn maze. The owners had no idea the family was still there, and they closed up the maze and went home. The parents ended up calling the cops for help, and when they reached the family it turned out they were only 25 feet away from the entrance!
These turned out a little fuzzy since it was getting dark when I took these, but how cute are they? I had to include them in this post.


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

What a fun time! I love your family photo with the pumpkins. And the story of the family lost in the field totally made me laugh... oh, doesn't it always go that way... you call for help and you're right by the entrance! :)
Excited to see your upcoming family pictures!!

Jodi and Jesse said...

Your family is so cute! I love the pumpkin picture. :)

Chandra said...

Cute picture of your family by the pumpkins. Great job with your kitchen!

Marlies said...

There is a corn maze literally around the corner from my neighborhood. Next time you come to town in October you should come visit it. Kent would even let your kids take a ride on a real horse instead of a saddled hay bale. :) We'd love to see you!