Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oakley's making the transition from two naps to one, so the days have seemed especially long this week! And somehow he's going from taking 2 2-hour naps to one 2-hour nap. It's been an... adjustment.
Anyhow yesterday I thought it would be fun to venture outside since the weather seemed warm enough. I always want to spend more time outside with the kids than we do. So I thought we'd take a walk to a nearby park and get Aspen some exercise.

We made it around the corner and then Aspen decided to walk instead. Her bike is the squeakiest thing I've ever heard! Seriously it's so loud.
When we made it to the park I was really regretting not bringing some gloves for the kids. It was such a gorgeous, overcast, eerily perfect November afternoon, and I wasn't sure the kids were going to last long without their gloves.

Unfortunately I was right and after a couple minutes Roo was begging me to turn around and go home. I had brought her a coat but for some reason she refused to wear it. So home we went, straight to bathtime!

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