Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yesterday the kids and I were hanging out upstairs. They were playing well together so I grabbed a book I was reading. After about 5 minutes I realized they were in my room, and somehow the door was closed, but I figured they couldn't be getting into much trouble in there so I kept on reading. About 5 minutes later I decided to go check on the kids, and I found them leaning against our bed with my makeup bag on top. I panicked!! I ran over to them and looked at Oakley, who was smiling at me with these nice, penciled in eyebrows. Well that's not so bad, I thought, and then noticed the hair that was all over the place. Aspen had snipped Oakley's hair with some shears she had found from our bathroom, leaving Oaks's hair....let's just say unpleasant.
The most ironic thing about this whole story is that after all Oakley went through with getting prettied up and trimmed he didn't start to cry until after I took away my makeup from him.


Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Haha, classic!! I love how you can see the hairs speckled all over on the shoulder of Oakley's shirt. :) Aspen is clearly pretty good with a pencil because that one eyebrow is pretty straight... considering she was drawing on a moving target.

Ah, it's always in those "silent two minutes" that kids manage to accomplish the most. :)

WeAreTheRopers said...

Shirt was just coincidence?
Thats a story for the books, love it!