Sunday, December 18, 2011

No Snow

This photo is one of my favorites. I love that my dad (on the left) and my Uncle Kevin are both wearing flannel shirts and killer sunglasses, and that we're on these old school sleds, and that my cousin Matt somehow disappears in it (he's wedged between my uncle and my cousin Bethany). We're in our front yard about to slide down our driveway, enjoying one of the few snow days we had each year growing up.
My birthday is in February, and it always seemed to snow right on the day my mom threw me a party. I remember having to cut short several parties because of the snow, and that it never snowed before Christmas. Then I moved to Utah, where we always had a white Christmas. Here in Boise it's not unusual to have one, and last year around Christmas it was especially white.
This Christmas season has been wonderful. And with the kids and I spending a lot of time at home with the Christmas music on, the fireplace running, etc, it really feels like Christmas to me. However, I've noticed that I've definitely grown accustomed to some flakes around this season for things to feel complete. And as of yet there's been no snow. What is a Christmas with no snow?

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Nicole said...

A Christmas without snow? That's how most of my Christmases turn out... :)