Friday, July 20, 2012

A couple weeks ago we drove out to Utah. My sister Sasha had a baby boy in June and he was being blessed in church, and my dad was having a birthday party the day before.
Dad's party was up at Sundance Resort, which is special to Eric and I because Eric used to teach ski lessons there in college, and we liked to go up there for walks because it's so beautiful. I've always dreamed of having a cabin up there. We were excited to take the kids up there to see it.
The party was great, and after a couple games everyone went off to explore the meandering paths and walks.

It was great to get to see my parents, step-mother Lisa, the rest of my family and Lisa's family. My siblings and I grew up down the street from Lisa's nieces and nephews, and we spent lots of time hanging out together back then. It was so fun to meet Sasha's baby, a beautiful little boy who weighed less than 7 pounds! I don't know what to do with a baby that size; mine are much bigger when they're born :)
On Sunday we went to church with Sasha and James. Baby Ezra was blessed and afterward Sasha and James threw an amazing barbeque. After that we headed home, ending a weekend that was way too short!


Sasha Cornelius Eggli said...

Those are some beautiful pictures of sundance! Yes, it was a fun weekend. Thank you so much again for coming out. It was great to be with your wonderful family again!

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

What a neat trip, and beautiful place! I loved seeing the pic of Sasha and her growing family too!

I keep meaning to answer these questions you left on my blog post (a few back):
1. We pick berries at a Smith Berry Barn - totally cute place that is picturesque. :)

2. Yes, Benjamin's cheeks are getting more pinchable! In fact, they giggle when he runs. Too funny!

3. Yes, everyone in our family does in fact own a U of O shirt! I know, bad huh?!! :) Haha! But we all own something Beavers too, so I think that makes it ok. So, we always joke that we are rooting for whoever is winning! :) Or we're just rooting for Oregon overall. But really, I think because both of my parents went to U of O I feel like it's ok to root for them, and because we grew up in Corvallis it's ok to root for the Beavers, of course! So we cheer for both sides, but frankly, U of O football is just really fun to watch because they win so much!! ;)